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Why A Matching Image Should Correlate With A Text?

Delivering a message to the audience in the web is a task that requires creativity. The copywriter has to be creative in word choice, grammatical structure, and additional components of the posts. Words do help to the reader to understand the delivered message, but the effect of the written post can be reinforced by visual materials. A copy for web can be well complemented by an image. The last is to strongly correlate with the text. Placing purely decorative, not-related to the essence of the text image may seem simpler, but it is the solution that will not bring a positive end effect.

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When Content Marketing Merges With Content Writing

Today, content is not more introductory writing about the company. The virtualization of businesses made it a strategic tool. Companies use content to talk about their corporate social responsibility, innovation and much more. Copies serve very specific goals. They can become a pool of knowledge for consumers about the firm’s activity, for marketers to learn about stakeholders and potential buyers. Content is also an asset which increases the brand value. The impact of a well-written copy is immense. Good copywriting today is needed for all types of businesses across all industries.